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1. Does Government of India permit to grow Sandalwood Trees in patta land?
The Indian government has amended Forest Act, Sandalwood Act in August 2001 and Tamil Nadu Govt. have released a G.O “The Tamilnadu Sandalwood on Patta Land Rules 2008 ” (G.O.Ms.No.140 Environment and Forest (FR4), 27November 2008.) wherein the owner of land shall be the absolute owner of sandalwood as per the Amended Act.

2. Whether it is legal to grow/sell Sandalwood?
Sandalwood trees were the property of the Government for years, but now the Government has changed the rules. If you want to clarify about Sandalwood trees you can have a clarification with near by forest department.

3. We heard mostly Sandalwood trees are harvested around 20-30years how it is possible to harvest in 16 years ?
Sandalwood trees are naturally grown in forest atmosphere .Sandalwood is a semi parasite crop and depends on host plants for most of its nutrients . Therefore the growth of sandalwood trees takes more years .The scenario in organized cultivation is different ,giving a special care in locating the soil, planting hybrid plants, frequent watering and the management of fertilizing the plant makes the growth of sandalwood achieving optimum output within 16 years it has been proved in the research.

4. Do you have any Insurance for this crop ?
The sandalwood crop is a wild and long term crop and the cultivation duration is longer, therefore no insurance company insures it.

5. What is the role of an investor?
The investor has to buy the plot and give permission to us for plantation of sandalwood and maintenance for 16 years on 50:50 profit share basis on the sandalwood yield.

6. When will you start plantation for each phase ?
We have planed to put nearly 10 phases in this project .After closing each phase the plantation will be started on that phase. The period will be a maximum of 3 months.

7 . Whether the Layout is approved ?
Yes, the Layout is Panchayat approved Layout .

8. Where do we get the legal documents of the Layout?
The legal documents can be collected in our office or with our marketing executive.

9. Where shall we get the Layout sketch?
You can download from our website itself or at our office

10. When is the plot registered in our name?
The registration is done on receipt of full payment.

11. Can we construct any building in our land (Plot)?
Sorry, though you are the absolute owner, you can't do so because the plot will be a cultivation area till 16 years, after 16th year you can do so.

12. There is any possibility of selling the plot within 16 years?
As the owner of the plot you are free to sell it, however the new owner has to agree the same agreement of cultivation as done originally

13. Where is the sub-registrar office for the Layout?
The sub - registered office is situated in Kalavai town.

14. When do we get Patta for our plot?
After registration you should pay the fees for the Patta and you can collect it from the V.A.O or in our office.

15. As a customer, what is the security for our investment?
The plot is registered in your name and you become the owner of the land so there is no risk

16. What about the soil fertility and water availability in your farm?
A technical team guided by our experts conducted a feasibility study at our Site. By the soil analysis report soil PH value is neutral and nutrient level is optimum and by water analyzing report the bore well has sufficient water for irrigation, the land is flat and has good topography . By analyzing they declared that our land was highly suitable for cultivating Sandalwood.

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